Sunday, March 16, 2008

YaST2 network, bridge devices

this is my first (and very short) blog about YaST2 development.
I put some screenshots here: new features::bridge.

What is bridged network good for? Mostly for network used with virtualisation (Xen, VirtualBox, Vmware, etc.). For this purpose all virtualisation products has their own tools, configurations and scripts.
This (per-virtualisation-application) has some disadvantages:
- possible conflict between sysconfig
- not unified way how to configure
- network configuration can't be clone by AutoYaST
That's why it makes sense to be implemented in YaST

Briefed introduction : when you want for any of your hosted machine to be seen from network, create bridge attached with physical network interface and some tun device. TUN device will be attached into your virtual machine and it makes virtual hosted machine be directly connected to real LAN.

The plan is (together with bridge) to implement also support for tun/tap devices (this should be done in sysconfig first) and Xen networking to confgure all this staff in one place.

Do you like this feature? If you have any feedback, comment or enhancement request - please let me know.

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