Monday, June 9, 2008

http-server, dns-server integration

Actually this is not new feature, but because I re-tested that functionality today, I found it's good time to describe it in a few words.
Integration in this case means that you can configure DNS server records while adding new virtual hosts for apache HTTP server (with YaST, both on the same machine)


First - DNS server must be installed, enabled and running:

Then add new zone (it must be type "Master"):


Then in yast2-http-server module add new virtual host. Server name belongs into dns zone "" we configured in yast2-dns-server:

Virtual Host ID must be valid IP address

And here we can see there is button "Add to Zone" which in this case will add record with IP address into zone


When you open YaST DNS server again, you can see that new record for "" zone was correctly added.


Anonymous said...

Can you add that description on, please?

I think such descriptions linked from the used modules (DNS- and HTTP-Server) or the YaST/Tips page would be a great benefit for the wiki.

Michal Žugec said...

Yes, it's here