Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Network Documentation

I started to document some exceptions or special cases of network during installation. But this is I already know (I don't know what users don't know or wants to know ;-)) so if anybody wants to some parts be more detailed or something is missing there, your feedback is welcome.


Anonymous said...

The description of installing WLAN USB Sticks in SUSE11 is very poor.
E.g. old sticks, which were running
in SuSE10.3 like D-Link DWL-122 could be installed only with ndiswrapper, windows drivers and
setup by self-written scripts.

Network manager must be de-installed, to get all working.

Such Tasks should be described her also.
The Suse11 support for WLAN sticks is very poor...., more problems since in older SuSE releases.

Michal Žugec said...

>> Such Tasks should be described her also.
No. This documentation is about network during installation. Configuration on running system is something different, but yes, should be documented (in other document).